Club History 1980 - 2020. Part 1, The first decade.

In Brian Lund's 'Viewpoint' column, in the June 1990 issue of PPM, he writes:- "Members have got to be prepared to make a contribution to the running of a Club. If enough people are willing to help, the sky's the limit".

I'm delighted to say, that in the North Wales Club, everyone does contribute something, and we can see the great results of that at the meetings and at the Fair….so perhaps the sky is the limit?


Although this project began as a history of the North Wales Club, we do interact with other clubs in the region, so I have included some information about those Clubs, where the story overlaps. I have included notes about the early days of some of the popular Fairs we attend. There are also details about PPM articles, and books mentioned in PPM, which are relevant to our area. I am grateful to Brian & Mary Lund for their permission to use the PPM and PPA information for this Club History.

These notes are taken from:-

PPA Picture Postcard Annual

PPM Picture Postcard Monthly.

NWA North Wales Postcard Club Archive.

WPHS Welsh Postal History Society Website.


Before our Time…..


The Criccieth Philatelic and Postcard Society was founded in October 1967, and celebrated its Golden Anniversary in the year from October 2017-October 2018.


The Welsh Philatelic Society was founded on 13th February 1971. As, over time, the main focus of the Society had changed from Philately to Postal History, it was decided to rename the Society to better reflect that change, and since 21st June, 2014, it has been known as the Welsh Postal History Society.

NWA 1973

An article in the Halifax Courier about Mr Leslie Charlesworth of Llanrwst [our first Treasurer]. Mr Charlesworth collects heraldic cards, and is researching the Ja-Ja Heraldic series, published by Stoddart & Co., Ltd., Halifax. By 1981, Mr Charlesworth was living in Llandudno, and collecting Ja-Ja cards, piers and lighthouses.


Merseyside Club's first meeting in March 1979.

NWA 9/80

An article by Alan Twelves, about Colin Mills, who came to Rhos-on-Sea from Manchester in 1978. He had an enormous collection of postcards and postal history, and the photograph shows Colin looking through his cards, which are housed in a bank of cabinets. Colin owned the Mount Stewart Hotel in Rhos, where our meetings were held from November 1980 until March 2010. Sadly, Colin passed away in January 2010.

NWA 1980s

Article from the North Wales Weekly News, entitled 'Mammoth postcard collection brings old seaside memories back to life" about Edward [Eddie] Stanford's huge collection of Hampshire & Conwy area cards, which have been catalogued by his daughter Olivia. Written by Alan Twelves.

NWA 1980s

Lalita Carlton Jones, grand-daughter of Llandudno postcard publisher G.R. Thompson, says that she enjoyed the article about Eddie Stanford in the Weekly News.


The North Wales Club is born…..


PPM 10/80

 Mike Day is looking for a suitable meeting place in Colwyn Bay / Llandudno area.

PPM 11/80.

New Club to have initial meeting at Mount Stewart Hotel, Rhos-on-Sea on 17th November. at 7.30pm.

PPA 1982

First meeting is on Wednesday, 19th November, 1980, with meetings on the 3rd Wednesday in each month. 30+ members. Chairman, Colin Mills; Secretary, Mike Day; Treasurer, Leslie Charlesworth, . The room has been given free of charge by fellow collector and postcard dealer, Colin Mills, owner of the Mount Stewart Hotel. The Club magazine began in March, 1981 as the 'North Wales Postcard Club Magazine', and was then amalgamated with the Merseyside Club's magazine, to become the' Merseyside and North Wales Clubs' Magazine.' Meetings have a talk or other entertainment by members, and dealer-members bring their cards for sale.


CH 1

Valentine 'W' Series card showing the Mount Stewart c1934.


PPM 2/81

The North Wales Club is well established with a full list of meetings for the year. The February meeting is on 18th at 7.30pm.

PPM 4/81

1st Class postage for PPM is 14p.

PPM 5/81

A research project by St Andrew's University, to find a definitive key to dating for cards by Valentine's of Dundee should report its findings in a couple of years.

Reference to an article in Stamp Monthly, March 1981, by Ronnie Hughes, about the Liverpool & North Wales Steamships, and includes cachets.

 PPM 6/81

Article on p.4:- E.D. Chambers, Evan Roberts, Revivalist.

The Merseyside and North Wales Clubs have combined their magazines, and the May/June issue is a 16-page A5 booklet with news items and articles.

PPM 7/81

First meeting of the Chester Club, Tuesday, May 19th at the Library, St. John St., Chester. Contact Karlyn Goulborn, Hawarden. The Chester Checklist was proposed.

PPM 9/81

The Merseyside/ North Wales Club magazine contains items on Club activities, modern cards and suggestions for a Club postcard.


Mike Day is the editor of the Merseyside and North Wales Clubs' Magazine.

In the Sept/Oct 1981 issue, it is reported that at North Wales Club, 20 people came over the summer, with new faces appearing. Members added names to the North Wales Publishers list, and a prize would be awarded to the member who had added the most new names.

I had no idea that a publishers' list had been started by the Club at this time. If anyone has this list, would you let me have a copy, please? The publishers' list we have now began in 2004. Karlyn.


October 21st. Reg Huddart.

November 18th, AGM, but there will not be a talk.

Articles in the Sept/Oct 1981 issue:-

Mike Day:- Modern Cards – 'Leeds Postcards'

Sam Evans:- 'Is there a cure for it?' ['It' being the 'Postcard Collecting BUG']

Peter Woolley:- BIPEX 1981 16th-19th September.

Peter Woolley:- 'In Praise of Nurses'.

Mitchell Pattinson:- 'Official L.N.W.R. Cards.'

Peter Woolley:- 'Professor J.O. Matchett, 1887-1939, a High Diver and Ornamental & Fast Professional Swimmer'

PPM 11/81 An article about Welsh Ladies by our member Tim Hale. p14.

PPM 12/81 Newsround:- a well-known women's magazine placed postcards before stamps in a list of current collectables.



PPM 2/82

The Chester Club is joining the Merseyside and North Wales Clubs in their magazine production. North Wales Club meetings are moved to the 1st Wednesday of each month.


In the Clubs' March 1982 magazine, Peter Woolley writes that the Merseyside's March meeting will be their 36th meeting, and 3rd Birthday. Harry Thomas asks dealers to arrange their Welsh cards in county order.

3 new members joined in February.

March speaker – member D. J. Roberts of Penmaenmawr.

April 7th meeting, speaker - Richard Clements, formerly a photographer for Salmon postcards.

The next postcard coin & stamp fairs at the Mount Stewart Hotel are on March 28th & April 25th. The fair has proved to be very popular.

John Brindle is organizing a postcard exhibition and competition between the three Clubs for sometime around Easter.

Articles in this issue:-

Taylor's Reality Series, part 2, by John D. Roles.

Eifion Roberts:- Welsh "Write Away" Comics.

Grosvenor Davies:- Rae Pickard, photographer, of Rhyl.

Peter Gaston:- Pricing postcards.

Peter Woolley:- "Every Picture Tells a Story".

PPM 5/82

The North Wales, Chester and Merseyside Clubs hold a postcard display competition at the Hotel Victoria, New Brighton on May 31st.



PPA 1983

Meetings on 3rd Wednesday. described as a "Go-ahead Club".

PPM 3/83

North Wales Club meetings will include a 'Talk-a-card' feature when 2 or 3 members will show one of their favourite cards, and say why it is.

PPM 4/83

The North Wales held a very successful fair in February at the Mount Stewart Hotel. The next one will be on May 8th.

PPM 11/83

Mike Day and Alan Povey were the speakers at the October meeting. The Club's A.G.M was on 2nd November. The Club's 5th fair was on 27th November. 7 members went to BIPEX and had a tremendous time on Saturday, with the possible exception of Emrys who became stuck in the entrance gate of Kensington Tube station for a short time.



PPA 1984

Meetings are now on the 1st Wednesday. This group photo of club members appeared on p101, and was accompanied by the caption "What – No Ladies?" I hadn't noticed! K.


CH 2


Front Row:- Eifion Roberts; Alan Day; Mike Day; Colin Mills; Mitch Pattinson; Bryan Hurst.

Middle Row:- Norman Rogers-Jones?; Harry Thomas; [Jack of Clwyd Coins & Stamps, Rhos-on-Sea];

Rod Faux; Tony Mitchell.

Back Row:- Emrys Jones?; Derek Bond; Dennis Roberts; Tim Hale? Help with names would be appreciated. K.


PPM 1/84

Llangollen Club formed in February 1983, with their first fair at the Hand Hotel on 11th March 1984.

PPM 3/84

In January the North Wales Club had a talk on local shipping and railway buses, which provoked such a lively discussion that Chairman Colin Mills had no time for his own performance! In February, the speaker was Pat O'Brien on "The Woven Silk Postcard".

PPM 4/84

The next fair would be on Sunday May 27th, organized by Bryan Hurst.

PPM 5/84

Rod Jones gave an excellent illustrated talk on the train crash on the London-Holyhead line.

PPM 6/84

North Wales Club's meeting took the form of a free and lively discussion, and was attended by 3 leading dealers.

PPM 7/84

The North Wales Club's May fair was very successful and another is planned for October. Mike Day gave an illustrated talk on the shipwrecks around the North Wales coast.

Social Secretary, Bryan Hurst appeared on BBC Wales at the end of May, with a talk on collecting postcards. He received a pile of letters, many from South Wales.

PPM 10/84

In August, Colin Mills was the speaker, and the topic was the 1909 Blackpool Aviation Meeting.

Bryan Hurst provided a quiz, and the winner was to have had free membership for a year as a prize, but as there was a 7-way tie for first place, the idea was forgotten.

The winner of the display competition at North Wales would go forward to a regional competition with Chester and the Potteries Clubs

In the Newsline, page 2, under the heading "Concern at Missing Bourse" there is a report that "North Wales Postcard Club members were so concerned to find that there would be no small dealers bourse at Provincial BIPEX, that the Club had written to the P.T.A. to express their disappointment."

The North Wales Club Fair was on October 7th

PPM 11/84

Mike Day's 'Postcard publishers' quiz was won by Mitch Pattinson. Bryan Hurst, Social Secretary won the Club's subject display with 'The Horse over the Years' , and Mike Day won the topographical section. Both will represent the Club at the North-West Clubs' Competition in December. Chairman and postcard dealer Colin Mills represented North Wales at BIPEX, greeting Club members over the 4 days.



PPM 2/85

Rod Jones talk on the Zulu Wars featuring postcards, books and weapons. Club fair , Sunday 10th February - arrangements finalised.

Aberystwyth Club was formed in the past couple of months, with Chairman, Ronald [Ronnie] Hughes, and joint-Secretaries, Jack Day & Peter James.

PPM 4/85

In February, Alan Povey gave a talk with 3 topics:- V.C. Winner, Todger Jones of the Cheshires; Randolph Caldecott, Cheshire artist and illustrator and Cunningham Camp, Isle of Man.

In March, Harry Thomas described how, in 1981, he found that Bertha Grey, the original 'Ovaltine' girl, was in a care-home in Rhyl. He went to interview her and told her story to the members.

PPM 5/85

The April meeting had 2 topics in the talk:- The development of the Summit of Snowdon from the mid-1800s, and the story of the Bryn Corach Holiday Home, just outside Conwy.

4 dealers were present at the meeting, and the next Club fair was scheduled for May 19th.

PPM 10/85

No mention of the Club for the past few months, but John Cowell's superb article on the Menai Strait's Pleasure Steamers occupied the centre pages.

PPM 11/85

The Snowdon Railway Disaster was the subject of the talk, and the next fair will be held in Spring, 1986.

 The Display Competition by the North-West Federation of Postcard Societies will be mounted at the Chester Fair, Freemasons' Hall, Hunter St., Chester on November 16th. The Clubs taking part are:- Chester, Hyndburn, Llangollen, Merseyside, North Wales, Potteries & Red Rose. There is an article by Karlyn in this issue – "The Gentle Art of Topiary".

PPM 12/85

An article by Peter Gaston on the 'Unique' Series of cards, published by Thomas Swift, Birkenhead & Chester, [T.S.,B.& C.], including a listing of some of the cards, appears in this issue. The cards cover a wide area – Cheshire, North East Wales and Shropshire.

Thomas Swift is one of the Chester publishers being recorded in the Chester Checklist, a project proposed by the Chester Club at their first meeting. The aim is to list every card issued by publishers based in Chester, and every card of Chester published anywhere else. There is an article by Gillian Jackson & Karlyn Goulborn describing how the checklist is produced, in PPM 2/87, entitled "You need a strong plastic bag"

In the first Competition at the Red Rose Club, the Miscellaneous section was won by our own Marion Turner for her display "Double Trouble" – twins on postcards.



PPM 1/86

Karlyn's article on topiary is mentioned in a letter by Graham Hall of Bradford.

PPM 2/86

Peter Gaston's update on the 'Unique Series' listing.

PPM 4/86

The Committee was re-elected:- Chairman, Colin Mills; Secretary, Mike Day; Public Relations Officer, Bryan Hurst. The next fair is scheduled for 4th May – the first day of this year's National Postcard Week.

Verna Palmer's article on the Glyn Valley Tramway appears in this issue.

PPM 5/86

Karlyn was invited to the Llangollen Club and spoke about 'Gladstone's Hawarden'.

Cyril Kitching, jazz musician and new member, gave a talk on World War 2 and S.S. Karno. in April, and final preparations were made for the next fair on May 4th.

Dealers Mike Day and Alan Povey had brought their postcard stock along.

PPM 7/86

Peter Gaston's 3rd update on the 'Unique Series' listing. p34. John Cowell's article on researching cards of Post Offices. p32.

PPM 8/86

A letter from Karlyn promoting modern cards. p.35.

In Chester's July meeting, Charles Fairclough talks about Welsh Lore and Legend.

PPM 10/86

North Wales Club had a record attendance for Harry Thomas's talk on the history of Rhyl's Pier. It was decided to include coins & stamps at the next Club fair, on November 30th.

The talk in October was by Mike Jones – An illustrated history of Abergele.

PPM 11/86

Harry Thomas's talk in November described the origins of the Kinmel Camp Riots of 1919.

The fair on November 30th will have an extra room, due to increased demand from dealers.

PPM 12/86

Geoff Ellis is to open a new postcard and stamp shop "Avalon", at 1, City Walls, Northgate St., Chester.



PPM 1/87

"Avalon" opening delayed until the first half of January.

The Club fair in November had more than double the attendance of the previous event.

John Cowell judged the display competition entries in subject and topographical ……. The winners were Harry Thomas and Bryan Hurst.

The next fair is in March.

At the AGM, the committee was re-elected, Chairman, Colin Mills; Secretary, Mike Day; Public Relations Office, Bryan Hurst.

PPM 2/87

At the January meeting in Chester, Gillian Jackson & Karlyn Goulborn explained how the Chester Checklist worked. Also present was Tom Myddleton, who had worked for Minshull & Meeson and Phillipson & Golder, Chester publishers, and whose memories of the two firms went back to the 1920s. Tom worked at Bookland Chester when Karlyn was there in the late 1960s, which was how we discovered him! K.

PPM 3/87

Bryan Hurst set the quiz for the February meeting, and Mike Day was the winner.

The North Wales Fair wis to be on March 29th.

PPM 4/87

Karlyn had an article in this issue – Postcard Sundials. The Frith Collection went public.

PPM 7/87

At North Wales Club, Harry Thomas gave members a photocopy of a 1940's comic card and everyone was asked to come up with a caption.

The next fair is October 25th.

PPM 8/87

PPM's 100th edition. In August 1977, Reflections of a Bygone Age issued their first Sales List and Magazine, which in February 1980 became Picture Postcard Monthly.

There was a 2-day fair in York, on August 28th & 29th, run by Mark Jarmain of Northern Numismatic News.

The first "Collect Modern Postcards" catalogue was issued by Pete Davies.

PPM 10/87

The talk at the North Wales meeting in September was "Aviation in North Wales", by Mitch Pattinson.

Harry Thomas set the quiz for the October meeting.

PPM 11/87

At North Wales Club Jack Jones won the 'Name That Card' Competition.

The inter-Club display competition will be at the Red Rose Club Fair on November 7th.

PPM 12/87

At Red Rose fair, Chester won the thematic class with 'Timber, the story of softwoods'. Hyndburn won the topo class with ' Bits of Blackburn', with Chester Club's entry 'Oswestry' second.



PPM 1/88

An article by Alan Povey appeared in this issue – A North Wales photographer, Frederick H. Mahaffey, known to postcard collectors as F.H. May. It showcased the series of lovely photographic cards of views in and around Pwllheli. p12.

PPM 2/88

New Club on the Wirral – 1st meeting 4th February – meetings at the Lodge, Bebington Cemetery.

Northern Fairs' Liverpool events at A.E.U. Hall have been cancelled, but their Chester fair is flourishing

Llangollen Club now meet at the Cambrian Hotel.

Martin Rees starts a Club in Cardiff.

PPM 4/88

Alan Povey article on postcard publisher, Allens of Tenby.

Wirral Club had 30 people at their first meeting. Chairman:- Alan Povey; Treasurer:- Geoff Ellis; Secretary:- Dave Mitchelson; Programme Secretary:- Ian Boumphrey.

PPM 7/88

Stanley Gibbons is no longer selling postcards at their shop in the Strand, London, and will not be publishing a catalogue this year.

PPM 8/88

Modern cards will have their own new magazine in 1989. There will be 6 issues a year. PPM's cover price will increase to £1 from 85p. with the September issue.

PPM 11/88

Bryan Hurst, the organizer of the North Wales Club fairs, has opened a collectors' shop in Rhos-on-Sea.

Mike Roberts presented an illustrated talk on Abergele in October.

It was decided to hold the Club Fair just once a year in future, with the next date to be early in 1989.

PPM 12/88

The Leeds fair moves from the Astoria Ballroom to Pudsey Civic Hall after 9 years.

At North Wales, Mike Day and Colin Rivett bring their postcard stocks to the Club.

Meetings move to the 2nd Thursday of each month.

Bangor Club will be invited to join us for an evening.



PPM 1/89

The North Wales Club fair will be on February 19th.

The 2nd Provincial BIPEX will be at York Racecourse in April, with a 3-day event, Thursday- Saturday. The first Provincial BIPEX was 5 years before, in Harrogate. BIPEX is organized by the Postcard Traders' Association.

The Bangor Club changes its name from 'Bangor Philatelic Society' to 'Bangor Stamp & Postcard Club'. Meetings are at the Plant Biology School of the University College of North Wales.

There is an article on Welsh Ladies, by Dafydd Ifan. p30.

Collect Modern Cards – First issue of the new magazine was on January 15th.

PPM 2/89

The Bangor Club had a successful auction, and a buffet in December John Cowell was their speaker in January with a display of unusual local cards. The Bangor Club is holding Anglesey's first ever fair in Beaumaris on June 24th.

North Wales AGM – all officials re-elected. Mitch Pattinson gave a talk on the Everton cards.

PPM 3/89

Mike Roberts talk on Abergele.

A letter from Llywelyn Olaf appeared on p39, commenting on the article on Welsh Ladies. The last sentence reads:- " If you have ever wondered at the dyspeptic expression on the faces of many of these dear old ladies, I offer my theory. Quite simply, they are all suffering from tannin poisoning."

PPM 4/89

North Wales Club's talk was' Photography and the Postcard', by Mike Day, and included information on how a camera works and has developed.

The Club fair in February was very successful.

North Wales and Bangor Clubs will compete in an inter-club quiz on April 13th, with teams captained by Colin Mills [N.W.] and John Cowell, [Bangor]

PPM 6/89

Jack Stasiak and Ron Mead intend to have a fair at York next spring, [not run by the PTA.]

The Quiz between N. Wales and Bangor resulted in a 24-24 draw. The quizmaster was Bryan Hurst. There was a photo of John Cowell, Colin Mills & Bryan Hurst accompanying the item.

CH 3


This is an undated photo of a meeting with the Bangor Club – perhaps after the quiz? Bangor members in italics.- corrections welcome….

Front row:- Colin Mills; Marjorie Thomson; Leslie Charlesworth; Reg Huddart;  Eifion Roberts.

Middle row:- Colin Rivett; Tony Mitchell; Mitch Pattinson; Linda Cowell; Barry Suddaby; Dewi Roberts; John Cowell.

Back row.:- Rod Faux; Danny Hughes; Bryan Hurst; Gwyneth Brindley; Peter Brindley; Ken Thomas.

PPM 7/89

Michael Goldsmith, the new editor of PPC 2020, reveals a connection with North Wales! In his column in the July 1989 issue, on p19, he says:- " The name 'Prestatyn' always has a special 'magic' as far as I'm concerned, even though I've never been there, 'cos when I was a child, I was always fascinated by conjuring, and the headquarters of the Boy Magicians' Club, to which I belonged, were at Prestatyn."

PPM 8/89

The Bangor Club with dealers Heather & Nigel Davidson held a Stamp & Postcard Fair in Beaumaris on 24th June, the first occasion for a postcard fair on the Island. It could become an annual event.

An advert by Gwynne Morris of Llanbedr D.C. appeared in this issue, promoting the Welsh Philatelic Society.

NWA 8/89

An article in the Visitor newspaper about Harry Thomas's collection of seaside comic cards.

PPM 9/89

York Racecourse fair – Jack Stasiak & Ron Mead – 16th -18th. March, 1990, a 3-day event Friday to Sunday.

Other well-known fairs at this time:-

Altrincham, Cresta Court. Cheltenham Racecourse. Chester Freemasons' Hall. Colwyn Bay, Eirias Park Leisure Centre, Bay Stamps, Heather & Nigel Davidson. Leeds Pudsey Civic Hall Manchester Piccadilly Plaza. Nottingham Lakeside Pavilion.

PPM 10/89

In PPM Viewpoint item, there is a call for better disabled access at fairs, and more female contributors to PPM.

The Bangor Club moves to the Memorial Institute, Menai Bridge. They had a talk by John Cowell, entitled "La Marguerite".

PPM 11/89

In the 'Can you help?' column, a gentleman from Worthing asks for information about Llandudno publisher G.R. Thompson.

PPM 12/89

The Welsh Philatelic Society's October meeting had a talk by Denis Salt "The Packet Route to Ireland" and an auction with John Cowell.



PPA 1990

North Wales - Meetings on 2nd Thursday.

PPM 1/90

10 years of PPM [although there had been 10 bi-monthly issues of its predecessor, the Reflections of a Bygone Age Sales List and Magazine before that.]

PPM 2/90

Karlyn Goulborn was the guest speaker at the North Wales Club in February, and dealers Mike Day and Colin Rivett were the dealers for the evening.

The date of the North Wales Club Fair had been changed from 7th April to 10th March 1990

Mike Day has adverts in the magazine for his photographic services, " Hand-made sepia toned enlargements from postcards, photographs, ephemera etc. Faded postcards- Special service producing remarkable results from even the barely visible; colour prints; colour slides. Full range of mounts, framing, heat-sealing/ dry mounting service. Monthly at Bloomsbury and other major P.C. fairs."

An article on South Wales Publisher, E.T. Bush by Glyndwr G. Jones p35.

PPM 5/90

The new York Racecourse fair was very successful and the attendance justifies a repeat.

In March, the Chester Club had a talk by Gwynne Morris on Post Boxes, especially those in North Wales. Gwynne has been a member of the WPS/WPHS for many years. K.

PPM 6/90

The first Moderns Fair at the Lakeside Pavilion in Nottingham took place on 31st March, with 500+ visitors. There were dealers, artists, publishers and a printing firm in the rooms, with a 48-board exhibition.

Wirral Club had a talk by Geoff Weaver on the 'Unique Series' of cards.

PPM 7/90

Two years earlier, Tim Hale had asked Yellow Pages for a 'Postcard Dealers' heading, but they needed more people to write and support the idea. p40. [Tim, from Sheffield, was a member of our Club at that time, and still comes over to our fairs. K.]

One of the cards on the 'Puzzles' page was recognised by Karlyn as the funeral of Lieut. W.G.C. Gladstone, in Hawarden, North Wales, who was killed by a sniper's bullet in the trenches in April 1915, aged 30.

Verna Palmer's excellent article on the Snowdon Mountain Railway, pp.26 & 38 [and see subsequent letter in the next issue]

PPM 8/90

Merseyside and Wirral pulled out of the North West Federation of Postcard Clubs' Competition, as they couldn't meet the earlier deadline.

In July, the Wirral Club's speaker was Brian Lund, who revealed what goes on behind the scenes during the production of the magazine. Wirral Club moves its meetings to Higher Bebington Church Hall, School Lane.

A new edition of the 'Collect Modern Postcards' catalogue was published by Pete Davis.

Scottish dealer, Richard Stenlake, of Stenlake & McCourt is to stop dealing in postcards and concentrate on his book-publishing projects. He had been dealing in postcards since 1984. As he will no longer be a postcard dealer, he will resign his post as Chair of the PTA to which he was elected in September 1989.

A letter on p.14 is from John Edwards, publisher of some 'modern' cards of the Snowdon Mountain Railway, in response to Verna Palmer's article in the July PPM. The cards were made especially for the Williams Family who ran the 'Halfway House' refreshment rooms. His father Eric Edwards continued to supply the cards to the café until his death in 1971.

PPM 9 /90

The National Motorcycle Museum is the proposed venue for Birmingham's biggest ever fair. It is scheduled for Sunday 18th November, with 70 dealers occupying 90 tables. George Sawyer is the contact for this fair.

A new book 'Three Stops to the Summit – a History of the Snowdon Mountain Railway' translated from the Welsh. Welsh Books Centre, Industrial Estate, Glan yr Afan, Llanbadarn Fawr. SY23 3JQ. Published June 1990. £3.95. isbn 0-905775-84-8.

I've discovered another librarian who enjoys postcard messages! K. Ian Dewhurst, Chief Librarian of Keighley, Yorkshire, has always been fascinated by messages on postcards. Here he shares a few of them in an article entitled:- "We have reached here safely – History and Human Nature in Postcard Messages"…. pp 54/55PPM 10/80. Mike Day is looking for a suitable meeting place in Colwyn Bay / Llandudno area.

PPM 10/80. 

Mike Day is looking for a suitable meeting place in Colwyn Bay / Llandudno area.

PPM 10/90

Verna Palmer - Llangollen & District. S.B. Publications March 1990. isbn 1-870708-33-4 £4.95. [S.B. was Steve Benz, of the Potteries Club]

Merseyside & Wirral Clubs bring forward their meetings so that their competition winners can take part in the Regional Clubs' Competition.

"We are Seven" article on p34 mentions Conwy churchyard memorial.

Tim Hale "Rhosneigr Then and Now". Hedgerow Publishing £6.95 isbn 1-872740-006

The Birmingham Motorcycle Museum Fair is on Sunday 18th November, 10am-5pm Admission 60p. OAPs 30p. Children free with adults. 58 tables booked already. West Midlands' Biggest Ever Postcard Fair.

PPM 11/90

York CardExpo at the Racecourse….extra dealers on Sunday, 10am-1pm.

Michael Goldsmith discovers a postcard exhibition of 1,600 cards of Aberystwyth, the lifetime's collection of Mrs Margaret Evans. The exhibition was in the Railway Station.

Ithell Kelly. North Wales Coalfields – a collection of pictures. Bridge Books, 61, Park Ave., Wrexham. LL12 7AW. October 1990. £4.25 isbn:- 1-872424-05-8


10th Anniversary of the North Wales Postcard Club.